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NCRTechx provide full account management support included all the services worldwide. Amazon global service for highly increasing your business at high.

More Sale 100%
More Work 100%
More Revenue 100%

We at NCRTechx have been filling in as an online business specialists co-op for a long time. Our administrations incorporates request handling client assistance, complaint talking care of, upselling item information passage, list building and ordering, inventory content administration index change list.

Media planning and buying

NCRTechx is your trusted and solid amazon seller support partner. Our amazon administration are complete covering all prespectives.

NCRTechx assists brands with streamlining their presence on Amazon universally with business knowledge, content turn of events, and Amazon Promoting arrangements.

NCRTechx arrangements, e-commerce marketplace support partner, takes on this undertaking and exhorts you after a nitty gritty investigation to pick the right targets & cost it spot on.

We address and advance all parts that add to higher situating in thing glance-through made by approaching buyers on Amazon.

Creative and brand

Web Design

As an e-commerce business entrepreneur, your site is the help of your business. Your advancement relies exclusively upon online clients finding your site and knowing where to go and what to do when they arrive. You could be one of those Web based business organizations with an inadequately planned site that can end it before it even gets an opportunity to establish a connection.


We conscientiously deal with basics, for example, item posting, refreshes, contender observing, item depiction and order, item picture altering, stock administration, and refinement in light of criticism and examination. It is all-important for our general client-arranged Amazon item posting administration for your advantage.

. Notwithstanding normal administrations, we offer worth added administrations, for example, a record supervisor to audit and examine tasks and to think of innovative methodologies. We assist you with recognizing paying items and getting rid of unfruitful lines. We help you plan and execute missions to be exceptionally apparent through sharp missions. You will thrive. This is our commitment.

We offer natural enhancement which will prompt higher permeability and better changes. Our computerized showcasing group works behind the scenes to execute explicit, custom-made website streamlining systems, post PRs and sites, and complete web-based entertainment execution.

We add style and an upper hand to our Amazon item posting administrations by offering upgraded brand content administrations as a comprehensive element. The improved brand content makes your item stand apart from the others recorded on Amazon pages with the utilization of bulleted text, bigger measured pictures, and video. We can space you in the A+ content.

Amazon is severe about its strategies and how merchants can lead their business and sell just allowed items on Amazon. On the off chance that a merchant disregards Amazon rules, they will be banned or suspended from working their record. Our specialists take looking into it and cautiously scrutinizing Amazon’s suspension notice to figure out the reason.

There might be oversight and different issues that could prompt an installment not to be gotten. Keep away from all such issues by letting NCRTechx, Amazon merchant support partner, deal with compromised bookkeeping. You get an unmistakable image of installments got, installments receivable, and solicitations that are impacted by substitution/discount issues. 

We give complete preparation to you on the most proficient method to turn into a fruitful dealer on Amazon. We give distant sound video-based preparation as well as face-to-face preparation at our office. We have Amazon-prepared specialists to lead classes and to hand-hold you through different strides en route to make progress for your store on Amazon.

FBA The Board

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Amazon offers its "satisfied by Amazon" (FBA) administration, which charges vendors on Amazon for the weight of keeping up with stock, pressing and organizing to dispatch requested materials. Be that as it may, Amazon has obvious standards and direction on FBA. These can be confounding yet we remove the disarray from the FBA cycle by taking care of it for your sake. One must be cautious in FBA since stock not sold by Amazon in its distribution center will bring about capacity charges and Amazon might try and return such things and charge the dealer for costs. Our specialists direct exploration and investigation to distinguish items that will sell quickly and create benefits even in the wake of paying Amazon FBA charges while keeping away from the traps of dead stock and returns of unsold stock. You help limitlessly more through our help.

Pricing Plan

Amazon Seller Account Service (GLOBAL)

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5999 Month
  • Account Onboarding (USA,MX,CA Only)
  • 2 Non-Brand Exemption Approval
  • 50 SKU Background editing
  • 50 SKU Details Listing
  • Basic Training
  • Duration 7 days


8999 Month
  • Account Onboarding (USA,MX,CA Only)
  • TM/ 2 Non-Brand Exemption Approval
  • 100 SKU Background Editing
  • 100 SKU Details Listing
  • 50 SKU Product SEO
  • 10 SKU A+ Listing & Basics Training
  • Duration 7 days



14999 Month
  • Account Onboarding (USA,MX,CA Only)
  • Upto 2 Brand Registry/FSSAI Approval
  • 150 SKU Details Listing
  • Brand store upto 5 pages (Amazon Store)
  • 150 SKU Product SEO
  • 15 SKU A+ Listing & Basic training
  • Duration 15 days

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